Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems enable enterprises save time and money by efficiently managing documents and information. By digitizing paper documents and automating document-driven processes, the right people get access to the correct information at the right time, simply and securely.

Enterprise Content Management systems are used to manage the following processes:

Document Capture

The process of importing all your information into a digital repository.

Secure Document Storage

Easily store business-critical documents in a digital repository, and instantly view or make edits to them.

Full-Text Search & Retrieval

Instantly find documents by identifying specific words or phrases within their text, metadata, annotations, and entry names.


What happens when teams have access to the information they need? They work together better and more work gets completed. Built-in collaboration tools let people edit, update, and approve versions as they go, no more exchanging emails and waiting for approvals.

Automation of Business Processes

The steps of a business process can be easily represented diagrammatically and automatically route documents to the right people at the right time.

Granular Document Security

Take control of information across the enterprise by restricting access to folders, documents, electronic files, fields, annotations, and other granular document properties.

Digitally Capture, Route, and Approve Forms

Replace paper forms with electronic forms to capture information and share it across the enterprise digitally.


Are you always focused on privacy, like HIPAA or FACTA or information management like SOX? ECM systems have the controls you need and deliver reports that make audits a breeze.

The benefits of ECM

  • Content, information, and document centralization.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Enhanced accessibility.
  • Boosted collaboration.
  • Reduced organizational risk.
  • Added eco-friendliness.
  • Better business processes.

Key technologies

  • OpenText Captiva
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • PowerShell Script
  • Opentext Documentum
  • Peoplesoft

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