Digital Cloud Transformation

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What is Cloud Transformation?

Cloud transformation is a process that rapidly migrates a company’s current IT infrastructure to the cloud. Companies have desktops, applications, data, servers, and networking that can be moved through cloud transformation. KLX Cloud IT makes sure its customers retain as much control over their infrastructure as they wish through an online cloud orchestration and management tools.



Cloud Transformation enables innovation by reducing costs and improving business by standardizing application, service processes and infrastructure. It helps businesses to operate with improved flexibility and scalability. Cloud Transformation allows you to work smarter and take advantage of increasingly digital, networked world in new ways. KLX Cloud IT ensures data privacy and security in cloud adoption which is a crucial parameter for consideration.


Key Benefits

  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Easy to Adopt
  • Increased responsiveness to unforeseen events
  • Ahead of the curve on updates
  • Enhanced information security
  • Risk mitigation


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