Off-Site Degaussing Services

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KlX Cloud IT's off site degaussing & media shredding/destroying services offers a safe transportation of your media hardware assets through a chain of custody process & degaussing or shredding/destroying your media devices at KLX cloud IT's nearby safe and secure facility.


Chargeable Off Site Datagone Degaussing Service for Hard Disk Drives, Data Tapes and  Floppy Disks. This service is aimed at very high level sensitive data when the Data  Destruction is carried out at our secure facility.


Arguably the most important asset to any organization is the data contained on its IT  hardware and Enterprise Storage systems. In recent years, a number of leaks and breaches  in data security have highlighted the importance of management, secure handling, and  secure data destruction from all Data Storage Media, be it an archive tape library,  SAN or NAS storage arrays, server storage, security system data, cloud storage, end-user  equipment, or any ‘loose’ media that contains sensitive information. We offers an array of  fully customize-able onsite and offsite solutions to handle all customer requirements for  secure data disposal.


We will seal up hard disks at locations specified by customers, and send the hard disks to Knit web Environmental Technical Centre for degaussing and physical destruction. We also offer off-site hard disk Degaussing and Physical Destruction Services to fit the needs of different customers, helping customers to completely destroy data on hard disks with professional devices.



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