RL400 Server Lifter


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The RackLift RL400 is our entry level server lift.  It is a manual server lifter suitable for data centers lifting below 600 pounds/ 272 kg.

Without RackLift, heavy servers are laboriously stripped of power supplies, fans and modules for lifting manually.  Once installed, all those components are reinserted.  This time-consuming, labor-intensive task can be avoided with a single technician installing a fully assembled device, safely and easily.

The RL400 enables you to install devices in tight spaces and containment aisles.  This data center lift can be operated easily by anyone with average physical strength, thanks to the high ratio gearing winch.

Safety is a priority. When the user releases the handle, the winch brake automatically engages.  Wheel brakes and included safety straps add to the stability during lifting. The tray table extends 24 inches/ 61 cm into the rack space.   Maneuverability is a breeze as the RL400 rotates 360° in a two-tile aisle.



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