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CASB Security Isn’t a Luxury— It’s A Necessity

Cloud computing has exploded in the business and education worlds over the last decade. 83% of enterprise workload is predicted to be in the cloud by next year. With the increasing innovations and changing technologies that we see in the world today, we can expect by 2020 every organization would have fully integrated the cloud into its everyday operations.

This typically means that everyone, from public schools and universities to health systems and corporates, will be reaping the rewards of increased productivity and greater efficiency. However huge information floating around within the cloud could appear intimidating from the perspective of security. When it comes to implementing cloud computing, 66% of IT professionals say security is their biggest concern as it would be difficult for the CIO’s and IT Department to keep a track of the applications, cloud suppliers and files employees are using. The major question that arises is; how then can we balance the benefits of cloud computing with the need for security? To which A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can be the perfect answer. 

CASB is a control point to protect cloud services and typically merge several security measures adopted across the cloud to make detection, management, and enforcement much easier to deploy and control. 

What does a CASB do and why it is important?

We often hear officials say: “Why would I need cloud security when I have invested a huge amount in a firewall.

Think of it this way. You have locks on the doors and windows of your house to keep people out, right? But what happens when a burglar gets inside? Many people get a home security system for this very reason and CASB is the security for cloud applications. It immediately notifies you if a breach has occurred and also mentions where the person got in from and in some cases gives real-time updates of what the person is doing. It sets off alarms and alerts the proper authorities to help limit the impact of the break-in.

 A firewall acts as a shield to your network perimeter. However, cloud application doesn’t exist within the network perimeter, they operate in the public domain. So, your firewall and/or gateway works like the lock on the door to your house. It makes it more difficult for criminals to get in, and it deters the less motivated or sophisticated ones.

 A cyber-criminal gets complete access to the data once they have cracked the security and passed the perimeter. The access then can be used to copy, share or download information for any unauthorized purpose. The team may never know about the breach if there is no proper cloud security. Organization’s intellectual property, financial data, and the personally identifiable information of customers and employees are sold for profit without the organisation knowing there’s a leak in the system.

With proper CASB security, the organization is alerted immediately when a criminal gets passed the firewall perimeter and accesses the cloud environment. It also runs a variety of activities to stop the data from being stolen. It can lock down a user account, revoke viewing and sharing access to certain types of documents, and more.

Furthermore, the IT officials are provided with insights on how exactly the criminal could gain access, where the uncertain areas are in the system, what files and folders were compromised and more.

Cloud security isn’t a luxury nowadays it’s a necessity as more data is being created, stored, and shared in the cloud. Organization are only becoming more vulnerable without it.

Investing huge amount in firewalls will not make that firewall more effective at securing what it cannot control.

A cloud access security broker (CASB) is a software tool or service that lies between an enterprise's on-premises infrastructure and a cloud provider's infrastructure. It acts as a gatekeeper, which allows the organization to extend the reach of its security policies beyond its own infrastructure.

CASB ensures that a business’s IT department has visibility into all cloud programs, applications, storage file s, data, and user activity. In India, nearly 80 percent of employees admit to using personal mobile devices for work purposes. Due to this data is proliferating in the cloud at such a rapid pace that businesses are having trouble keeping up. There is no accountability of where everything is located, who has access to it, and what sensitive information is intentionally or unintentionally shared. This overflow of data and the use of unmanaged devices are a large part that contributes to the lack of cloud security in the first place—and why the widespread introduction of CASBs is so necessary.

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