Who we are

KLX Cloud IT (KLX) is a multi-national corporation focusing Cloud Information Technology Solutions based at USA, with operations in India, UAE and Singapore. KLX has three decades of expertise in Information technology infrastructure, Data Security, Supply Chain Management, Content Management, Integration and Core Software Development. We help cut waste in IT and save Money in using JET (Just Enough Technologies). Founded in 2006, KLX became a Carnival Group Company in 2017 with global trade in excess of USD 15B+ past years. The Group has business entities in various industry verticals including Information Technology, Agriculture, Food, Entertainment, Healthcare, Media, and Automotive etc.

Why KLX?

KLX’s Just Enough Technology (JET is Synonym to JIT – Just-In-Time) with client’s industry specific validations based on proven best practices. Custom Methodology is designed by KLX team after systematic study of the client objectives. This ensures our solutions are fine-tuned and custom crafted with prime focus to compliance and security. The best of both Public and Private Clouds are perfectly blended, making affordable OPEX and CAPEX. Lean, Six Sigma & Just-In-Time are in our DNA that conforms to the requirements meeting Quality Delivery. We create IT systems for clients to use the resources efficient, just enough to meet the needs and avoid waste due to over engineering.

HPS™ – High Performance Solutions offer crafted cloud services from available cloud technology stacks
OIS™ – Optimally Integrated Solutions offer crafted cloud services from available cloud technology stacks

HPS™ and OIS™ are KLX R&D developed methodologies to address Digital Transformation requirements of cloud era. Both these standards are fully compliant with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation), DoD (Department of Defense), DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency) guidelines. VDSS (Virtual Data Center Security Services), VDMS (Virtual Data Center Management Services), AE (Application Enclave). Information System Framework is created with Data Centric Design and Chain of Custody to avoid potential data breaches. VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), IDS (Intruder Destruction Systems), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), HBSS (Host Based Security System), SCCA (Secure Cloud Computing Architecture)

KLX Application Integration (KAI) complies with REST and SOAP standards. We help transform monolithic to Micro services or Software Defined from Hardware Defined. Our Embedded Engineers with IoT (Internet of Things) expertise help connect software and hardware modules and make integration possible between systems to gather data for analytics and decision making. Our responsibility does not end on Solution Delivery, but continues to assess, recommend and maintain the compliance and open standards to keep them up–to–date and future proof. DevOps with CI (Continuous Integration), CD (Continuous Development) and CA (Continuous Audit) are being practices now with a Cloud Mature Team in our COEs. We use technology stacks with vendor neutrality, at tenancy (AWS, GCP, and Azure etc.), connectivity (Telcos) and algorithms we create using codes (Android, iOS, Angular etc.)

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