Cloud App Development

Smartphones to laptops, from the enterprise to the cloud, people are constantly connected. At Knitlogix we offer expertise and innovative technology to transform your ideas into beautiful, scalable web and mobile applications, seamlessly deploy them across relevant platforms, and motivate customers to act.

Some of our designs


Web Design + Wordpress Integration for 6-7 pages
One time
200 USD
Responsive Web pages
Banners & Slideshow
Contact form, News and announcements
Web Hosting(Excluding)
10 USD/Hr
Graphics & Animation
Flyers and Banners
Business Cards
Mobile Applications
Android Mobile Apps
Microsoft Mobile Apps

Web Development

Sites on web development are a dime a dozen. Marketing jargon on website design can help generate heavy web traffic. Now, here we are – at it again. Yet, Ksofttechnologies is not the run of the mill offshore web development company promising to give you the best in website solutions at the lowest costs. We do not want to be part of your web design problems. We provide you the ultimate solution in web development and related solutions as listed below:

Website design

Offshore Web Development

Website outsourcing

Our strength in outsourcing ensures that we optimize time and energy costs and make excellent use of the available labor and capital. This leads to enormous cost cutting, the benefit of which is passed on to the customer. The fact that we are based at a low cost region helps too! We understand the need for ecommerce and are proficient in building in depth business solutions including client side and server side scripting to help you scale the zenith of entrepreneurship. Our competent web development team is adept at building the most complex internet applications in website design and electronic businesses.

Try website design and web development without formulating a plan and see hours of effort go down the drain. Planning is an integral part of impeccable web development. Creating and maintaining a fool proof plan for meticulous analysis is our forte. Unparalleled methodology and enviable resources help us overcome competition. This gives a further boost to our design capabilities and our web development reputation is second to none. A design is broken down into modules to make subsequent processes easier. During the design stage of web development, functional aspect, modeling and research is of prime importance. Once a plan is developed to yield a final design, implementation comes to the fore. The realization of a web development program or a website design is its implementation. Ksofttechnologies can execute a website solution to perfection,our track record is ample proof of the same.

For a successful business to be conducted online, you need the help of a professional who understands the importance of promotion and innovation. Not only can we help you be the proud owner of a superior website, we support the growth of website design along with the changes in information technology. Re-design and upgradation go hand in hand with web development to ensure that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Outsource website design firms are thought to churn out run of the mill stuff. Normal is boring and when you have a website design that is as special as it is impressive, you can rest assured that your business has no way to go but up. Ksofttechnologies promises to use the advances in the field of web development to deliver a website that keeps customer loyalties strong and secure. For the one of its kind website solution and world class website outsourcing, welcome to Ksofttechnologies . The offshore web development company that can change the way you run a business. The website outsourcing conglomerate with a string of corporate successes to its credit. The company that can take you into its fold to galvanize your sales and help you fill your bank accounts to capacity.

Graphic Design

Flyers and Leaflets

We are flyer design specialists, supplying a vast sector clubs and businesses with our high quality and creative designs. Make your flyers stand out from the crowd with our bespoke cutting edge designs. You can have your flyers designed as per the shape of your choice.

Business Cards
Our high quality designed business cards are fantastic value. Our bespoke designed business cards can be turned around same day for those last minute business opportunities.

Choose from standard or premium range of letterheads designs.

Brochures are usually used to showcase products or to promote a business or service. We do exclusive designs for the Brochures with your colour and design expectations matched onto the design concept.

Opensource Development

Opensource Development
Open-source software development is the process by which open-source software, or similar software whose source code is publicly available, is developed. These are software products available with its source code under an open-source license to study, change, and improve its design. Examples of some popular open-source software products are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chromium, Android, LibreOffice and the Apache OpenOffice Suite. Open-source software development has been a large part of the creation of the World Wide Web as we know it, with Tim Berners-Lee contributing his HTML code development as the original platform upon which the internet is now built…

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